How to Participate

The Milkweed Watch Team (you, me and all participating citizen scientists) is interested in determining what animals use which milkweed species.

Here's how to participate:
  1. Register with Milkweed Watch. This will let us to welcome you and provide contact information shoudl you need assistance.
  2. Join iNaturalist. If you don't already have one, create an iNaturalist account with your own username and password. This will let you utilize the iNaturalist website/app and interact with your data whenever you want, all while contributing to an opensource biodiversity database!
  3. Join the Milkweed Watch project in iNaturalist. Once you have your iNaturalist account, make sure you join the Milkweed Watch project page. This will let you share with the Milkweed Watch community and compare what you and others are finding.
  4. Select your milkweed site(s)Determine whether you will track an already existing milkweed site, plant and watch your own, report on incidental milkweed sites or any combination of the above. Scroll down to learn more about these options.
  5. Start watching milkweed. Observe, photograph and report on your milkweed site(s). Share your findings in your iNaturalist account. Learn more about studying milkweeds by visiting our More About Milkweeds page.
  6. Download the iNaturalist app to make observations on your smart device.

Milkweed Site Options
There are different kinds of milkweed patches that you can observe. When reporting your findings in iNaturalist, record the type of site in the "Notes" section.
  • Option 1: Existing Milkweed Site - Choose one or more existing milkweed patches that you can observe regularly throughout the summer and fall.
  • Option 2: Plant and Watch My Own Site - Plant your own milkweed patch in a convenient spot (like your own yard!) and observe it regularly throughout the summer and fall.
  • Option 3: Incidental Sites - Make and report observations on a more casual basis. You might make incidental sightings by chance, perhaps while walking your dog or taking a bike ride.  
  • Option 4: Combination of the above - Select any or all of the options above. It's up to you!